iDomain Monitor for iPad Отзывы пользователей

Doees Not Work Properly.

I got this app because I purchased the iPhone version and have imputed somewhere around 80+ domains into it. The iPad version does not work like the iPhone version. ISSUES 1. Import does not work completly. I receive the "success" message that it had imported, but I cannot get the domain to appear. It says they are in the database, but they are just not showing up. I tried completly exiting out & restarting the app, but this does nothing. 2. Swipe right on domain in the domain list does not bring up the icons of the underlying menu. Nothing happens. So if you accidentally put a domain in the watch-list of the "your domains" section and it needs to be in the other section, there is no way to change this. I went to the support site to open up a ticket, but after writing the ticket the captcha kept erroring out. I've filled out captchas similar to this one without issue. I know they were correct but the system just was not accepting them. Very frustrating. Feature requests: 1. When typing in a domain just as:, it appears in the database as instead of how it was typed in (with the capital letters) it would be nice to have this, because it makes reading through a list of a bunch of domains a whole lot easier to read. 2. Folders. Folders to organize the domains would be nice. For instance I have my personal domains & then I have my family's domains & then my clients domains. And in the watch-list folders would be nice as well. 3. Editing a Domain. You cannot change the spelling of the domain after it has been created. so if you misspell it, you have to start over.

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